Grading Disclaimer

At Central Florida Comics, we understand the importance of comic book condition and its impact on value. Our team strives to provide accurate and consistent grading to help you make informed purchasing decisions. However, please be aware that comic book grading is a subjective process that can vary slightly between individuals, including professional grading services.

Grading Standards: We grade our comic books based on a detailed examination, considering factors such as cover wear, spine condition, page quality, and any marks or damages. Our grading follows industry standards to assign a condition from Mint (M) to Poor (PR).

Condition Descriptions: Most of our comic book listings include an estimated grade and a description of its condition. These descriptions are based on our best assessment and are intended to offer a clear, honest overview of the item’s state.

Grading Variations: While we aim for accuracy, comic book grading is not an exact science. There might be minor discrepancies in grading evaluations. We recommend referring to the provided condition descriptions and photos for a better understanding of each item’s condition.

Professional Grading Services: For some high-value comic books, we may provide grades from professional grading services (e.g., CGC, CBCS). These grades are deemed reliable but should still be considered as part of the overall evaluation process.

Buyer Responsibility: We encourage buyers to review item descriptions, grades, and photos thoroughly before making a purchase. If you have any questions or need additional information about a comic book’s condition, please contact us before placing your order.

Returns and Disputes: If you believe the condition of a comic book significantly differs from its description or grading, please contact us within five business days of receiving your order to discuss a return or exchange. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and resolve any concerns fairly and promptly.

By purchasing from Central Florida Comics, LLC, you acknowledge and agree to this grading disclaimer, understanding that grading is subjective and minor variations in grading assessments may occur.