Marvel Squadron Supreme #1-7 Complete (2006)


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Issue #1: It all starts here! The ONGOING* MARVEL KNIGHTS launch of the deadliest super-team around! Hyperion* Nighthawk* Blur* Power Princess* Doctor Spectrum and the rest of the team are joined by a new group of super heroes* as only J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank can imagine! As the U.S. government plots to create two teams of super-powered agents to crush enemies both domestic and foreign* Mark Milton a.k.a. Hyperion has plans of his own. Plans that could uproot the government’s control over its super-powered population and force them to contend with the ever-growing threat of Mark’s constant insubordination.

Issue #2: Here comes the Squadron Supreme!The combined might of Hyperion, Zarda, and Doctor Spectrum could wipe out any nation on Earth, so with these powerful agents acting under the banner of the stars and stripes, America’s enemies have everything to fear. That is, except for one nation, whose general might just hold the key to humbling America and obliterating the Squadron Supreme. Will the team’s very first mission also be their last? J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank deliver the next exciting chapter in the lives of the world’s greatest heroes!

Issue #3: Hyperion! Doctor Spectrum! The Blur! Power Princess! The most powerful team on the face of the earth – the Squadron Supreme – has embarked on it’s first mission! But when the group falls under the control of an evil general, will this first mission end in catastrophe?

Issue #4: Whether it’s fascist generals in Africa or insurgents in the Middle East, the newest weapon in America’s might arsenal has arrived! Hyperion! The Blur! Power Princess! Doctor Spectrum! The greatest heroes on the planet, all working together to protect you, America! The Squadron Supreme! Working abroad to protect America at home!

Issue #5: The Squadron Supreme embarks on a mission to the heart of the Middle East. But will a military mission cause more problems than is solves? Or will the earth’s mightiest team sweep through foreign forces, saving countless innocent lives in the process? A great jumping on point! Get on board before the Ultimate crossover!

Issue #6: He can’t fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, or bench-press cars, but he might be the more dangerous than Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, and Power Princess rolled into one.

But how will the vigilante known as Nighthawk respond when he’s asked to join the Squadron Supreme?

Issue #7: Iran, Africa, and the international community have felt the wrath of America’s top fighting force, but what happens when the war is brought home to the Squadron?

Has someone been able to gather a group up that can challenge the Squadron Supreme for world supremacy?


All Issues Look To Be In M/NM condition (Grading Disclaimer).

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