Spider-Man 2099 #1 First Appearance of Miguel O’Hara


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Dive into the future of heroism with “Spider-Man 2099 Issue #1,” an electrifying new chapter in the legendary Spider-Man saga. This inaugural issue marks the debut of Miguel O’Hara, a brilliant geneticist from the year 2099 who gains extraordinary abilities through a serendipitous twist of fate, embedding the DNA of a spider into his own genetic code.

In this dystopian future, New York City is a sprawling mega-metropolis governed by corrupt corporations and cybernetic enhancements are commonplace. Miguel, initially striving to undo his genetic alterations, embraces his new powers as he battles to dismantle the oppressive forces of the mega-corporation Alchemax, which seeks to exploit his abilities for their nefarious purposes.

New York, 2099. Five teens cruise the skies above the city in their Whisper 3000 hovercar. But in this future society, the people still need a Spider-Man. Introducing Spidey 2099. Cooler tech, bigger baddies.

Issue Looks To Be In NM condition (Please read our Grading Disclaimer for more information).

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